Winter erging update

We have run into some problems with erging this off-season.  The masters typically budget for an evening erg (rowing machine) session at South Eugene High school during the winter months for 12 weeks, typically on a Wednesday evening.  Unfortunately, a policy has come to light that no longer allows adults in South Eugene High School to do this.  The juniors will be able to continue in their current location for this year only, but adults are no longer welcome..

We currently are looking for a space that the masters could use for erg sessions.  Because of a limited number of ergs available, we likely will need to break into two groups instead of having one large group.  Lisa is looking into a possible Lowell location, Renee is looking into an in-town possibility.  We could probably manage to pay for two erg session per week due to savings from no longer needing to pay 4J schools for our use of school facilities.
I’d like to ask you if you perhaps might also know of a space we could use for erging between December and March.  Our preference would be a space (garage, basement, etc) large enough for 5-6 rowing machines, preferably with water and bathroom access, with good ventilation, that locks and that is suitable for storage of at least some ergs.  They don’t take up much space if stored on end.   If you would be willing to lend an erg to this endeavor, that would be great, too.  The Juniors may be willing to loan us a few ergs.
A longer-term solution will be discussed at the board meeting but that won’t help us this winter.
Thanks for any input you might have on this! – Julie

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