Erging in Lowell

This just in from Dean regarding erging in Lowell this winter:

The Lowell erg site in Marlene’s & my garage is available to OAR rowers anytime during the day when I am home.

– I am up by 6:15am on weekdays and work from home.  On weekends, I’m usually up by 7:30am.
– I am okay with people erging in the evening so long as they’re departing by 8:30 or 9:00pm.
– If you want to set up a regular time other than Wednesday at 2:00pm, please let me know.
– If you want to come over spur of the moment, first call (see email roster for number).
– If no answer at either, and you are nearby, you may want to come over anyway as I may already be in the garage doing a workout.
– 584 East 1st Street, Lowell.  Please park on the street.

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  1. There are now four ergs in Lowell at the “gym!” And one more coming on Friday.

  2. Where did these wonderful machines come from???

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