Coast to Coast Update

From Dave H:

Thus far, our journey has covered 221 kilometers; not too bad for a partial week and small but inspired turnout. That takes us from Vancouver BC almost to Seattle, Washington. A map is below. Near the end of this leg, we passed Lake Stevens—site of this year’s Northwest  Masters Regionals Regatta.

As a clarification for those who may have gotten lost in my previous discussion regarding alternative workouts, let me try again. If you are only erging and rowing throughout this team effort, read no further. Spare yourself the following discussion. If you plan to cross train or participate in an (bike, ski, swim, run, etc.), the message is this. First determine your own level of exertion for erging at the assigned training category levels (primarily 4, 5 and 6.) That means maintaining the erging or rowing split (time to cover a distance of 500 meters) and while doing so—find a way to measure that level of exertion. One of the easiest ways to measure that is heart rate. Then, monitor your heart rate during the alternative exercise to ensure you are exerting the same as you would be while erging or rowing. That’s about as simple as I can make it. This week, two people submitted distances for alternative exercises, so some of you are catching on and that’s what I’d hoped for; the more the merrier. Thanks!

Next week, with a strong tail wind, slightly larger “team” and the motivation to reach Glendale, Arizona on schedule, we should reach Eugene.

Happy rowing!



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