Practice Update

1) This Sat and Sun practices will include a Safety Info session. Most
likely, at least for Sat, this will be before we launch. I suggest we do our
warm-ups (w/o talking, but “following the leader”) while the presenter(s)
reminds us of proper precautions for winter rowing. After rowing, you
can pick up your safety hand-out and your treat (so we have to fit a
birthday song in there also!). Do make sure to bring something warm in
case we do the safety session after practice instead (or my idea of
moving while listening is vetoed).

2) Here are approximate distances around the lake to use when
estimating Ks rowed for the Coast 2 Coast. (Dave wants your weekly
summary by SUN nite. My mistake.) Adjust as seems fitting for large
chunks cut off due to water conditions or cox’ns wanting to stay far from

6 K once around the lower lake starting and finishing at the dock
(hugging the shore, except for bay by marina)

9 K if a full loop is made under the bridge and up to the upper dam, and
back to the dock.

1K across the lake (from dock, along dam to Dexter Park)
2500m along the Hwy 59 (Dexter Park to Covered Bridge)
500 along the top of the lake by the CB
2K back to the dock.

— from Sally

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