Cross Training to the Max

Some of you may know that two of our OAR members participated last weekend in the Seattle Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)  stair climb and fund raiser. Below are their write-ups.

From Maureen McCauley:

Thanks for checking… the climb was great, very difficult as expected, but the view from the top of the Columbia Tower was spectacular… blue sky, snow capped mountains, and ferry boats in the bay !!
Our team did fantastic… our times ranged from 12:06 to 20:00 minutes and we all finished and managed to look good by the time we had our team photo. 

You can view some photos at:

Now… the focus will be rowing and rowing fast !!


From Sahale:

So, I was there. 69 flights, 1311 stairs, and yes, it hurt! Overall the Anita Ventilators did very well, I believe our fastest runner came in very close to 12 minutes.
I was hoping for sub 15, but now have a solid goal for next year as my time was 17:20. I guess the week in Colorado at 7400 feet did not help me as much as I thought!

The fastest (I believe) male came in sub 8 minutes, and the fastest woman sub 10 minutes. They must have sprinted the entire way.

There were 6000 participants, both racers and walkers. It was an inspiring place to be. Each floor had a photo of someone who succumbed to leukemia, lymphoma or another blood cancer. A bit depressing, but also motivating.

The stair well was hot, even with our great start time of 8:30. By the way, start times are determined by fundraising efforts, so, THANK YOU!!! They had fans, but they were piddly.

They also had medics. That was nice. I wanted to steal their oxygen bottle at the top! Evidently the view is incredible, I remember it as a vague sort of blur.

We all finished with a distinct burning sensation in our airways, and a deep sense of satisfaction. Yes, it was hard, but it was also over very quickly.

Thank you SO MUCH for donating. I plan to repeat the experience next year, with sub 15 minutes!



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  1. Oh my gosh…way to go ladies! You totally rocked it! Great job.

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