Power 10 From Darin


The following background is provided in case you didn’t row with us during the Years-of-Darin. One of the more colorful folks to become a member of OAR is Darin Ward. He rowed in college at San Diego then with us for four or five more before moving on to orthodontic school in Colorado and is now in Calgary. He recently married Tammy and they had a  son earlier this year. Darin added a lot to the club–and proof of that is the blue Hudson 2x that he and I purchased and I subsequesntly donated to OAR. Darin goes in to everything full speed ahead or as he put it Power 10! While living in Eugene, he procured a special license plate for his car that said “PWR 10. ” Darin began the tradition of following a hard row on Dexter with a stop for bacon (“The candy of meats”) at the Highway 58 Chevron station. A photo of Darin, Sally and me still hangs on the wall there so stop in and see it one day–and of course, have some bacon!  Now that Darin lives in Calgary (and owns two boats!), he no longer has a need for the license plate, so he mailed it back to us to display in the boathouse. Next time you walk out the bay door–look up and you’ll see it (photo attached.) As a side note, it was Darin who also introduced us to the clothing-optional safety swim test–what a guy!

Thanks Darin!


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