January 2012 Roylerow Erg Scores


I have added four more columns to our December 2011 Erg Test spreadsheet. This is found at the bottom of the 2012 Practice Schedule Signup and is provided as an information sharing option. This does not replace Phil’s plan for us to email him and Marlene our testing results. It is a way to let the others in your boat know that you too are completing the testing. 75 minute tes hints: Use music, a movie, etc. as a distraction. After you get into your groove (target SR/SPL), turn the PM3 monitor away from your view and focus on something else. Set up a larger mirror–in front of you–so you can pay attention to your form. Consider using a butt pad. Have a water bottle and sweat towel close by. Good luck!

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  1. I love how you and Phil are starting to use this website! Great job! I won’t be doing any erg testing for awhile as I climb back into shape. Just spent 10 minutes on the erg with no power and no speed…but it was fun!

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