Erg Tutorial 1

Crew, here’s an attempt at an erg tutorial.  Let me know what I’ll need to improve for the next one, and if you have a topic you’d like me to address.  I’m planning on doing one on the 30-sec power test and erg warm-up drills.  Phil


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  1. Nice job Phil! This is really good information for proper form on the erg. I will try to get to one of the evening practices after this week. Thanks, Debbe

  2. Nice job, Phil. Those reminders are helpful right now since some of us are probably having our technique suffer when we’re working to log meters. Kathy

  3. Thank you Phil. I appreciate the visual of the “right” way and the “wrong” way on several parts of the stroke. I have wondered about the contact of the feet on the foot stretchers and I see that your feet do lose contact for a brief time before “body over”. My question now is how to keep the hands since we do feather on the water, or should I concentrate on keeping my wrists flat or slightly raised on the recovery?

  4. Margot McDonnell

    Just watched the video, Phil. It was very helpful! I paid close attention to the compression and will be working on that when I erg. Thanks!

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