Racecourse Installation Help Needed!

cbr 2014UPDATED INFO as of 3/5/14…some dates have been eliminated below…

The race course install team is looking for volunteers! We need course installers and deinstallers.  There is money to be earned for doing these jobs.

The first date is this weekend, March 8-9.  We need 6 people for about 2 hours to take buoys off 2 lane lines either Sat afternoon after OSU races or Sun.  It is fairly simple and we can quickly train anyone.  It requires being in a launch on the water for most of the time and would be helpful if you had rain gear in case it decides to rain.  Let us know asap if you would be available for either sat or sun and what times.  Also let me know if you are a good boat driver and if you have done this task before.  The group who does this will earn $250.  We will also need help putting the buoys on all 7 lane lines and for the April 5 OSU races and taking them off after the Covered Bridge Regatta.  Finally will be doing this again for the Northwest Collegiate Rowing championships on May 3.

Here is the schedule and what we need help with:
March 29-April 2, (mainly March 29 and 30) 6-12 people to put buoys on the 7 lane lines or drive a launch.  The group who does this will earn $625.
May 3rd afternoon and 4th–10-12 people to take all of the buoys out after the NCRCs.  The group who does this will earn $625.Please contact Dave Lingenfelder with the dates, times that you would be available and the job you are able to do so he can organize the volunteers and get back to you with specific dates, times and jobs that we will have you do. Thanks for helping out!



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