20th Annual CBR T-Shirts

Don’t forget to purchase your CBR t-shirts to commemorate our 20th annual regatta! T-shirts will be available for purchase at the regatta. They are cotton, long-sleeved black shirts with gray logo. $25.00 each

And new this year, we’ve loaded up our unique 20th annual design for our shirts on CAFEPRESS.COM! So if you wanted a different type of shirt, or a different color, there are many styles and sizes loaded up there and you can order directly from their site. So check out the various styles of Covered Bridge Regatta T-Shirts. This link will be available after the regatta as well, so you can order them anytime into the foreseeable future.

2014 CBR t-shirt design


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  1. Debbe Cornitius

    Hi Lisa, The logo for the official CBR t-shirts has been slightly modified to give it more pop. The design is basically the same, just improved by the graphic designer at PrintWear. Not sure how to approach this for this other website. Debbe On Apr 5, 2014, at 5:16 AM, Oregon Association of Rowers

    > >

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