Welcome to the 20th Annual Covered Bridge Regatta!

Boathouse SignYep, today is the day. It begins.

Volunteers are setting up the infrastructure at Lowell State Park: honey buckets, dumpsters, tables, recycle containers, speakers, signage, tents and more. The parking team is gently guiding in the boat trailers that will be arriving from all over the west coast. Vendors are setting up their tents. Racers of all ages will be out on the water practicing and enjoying our buoyed race course. Mother Nature even might lay down some flat water and sun. Who knew?

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to make this regatta happen.  There are a lot of you, and I know I won’t get to see each and every one of you, but I wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate your efforts which help to make the Covered Bridge Regatta the best regatta on the west coast. And if you are one of the lucky ones from a visiting team who are here to row, make sure you let our volunteers know their efforts are appreciated. A regatta doesn’t magically happen. Again, who knew? (OK…I did.)

And to the rowers who have come from 36 clubs across Oregon, Washington and California, we welcome you! You are the reason we have regattas in the first place. Enjoy our beautiful race course, our scenic lake, our small town.  And while we cannot promise that things will be perfect, it’s not for lack of effort.

Good luck and race hard! And remember to have a member of your team swing by the First Aid Tent to pick up your team’s FREE “Official Activity Regatta Kit” (OAR Kit)CBR OAR Kit 2014. And a big thank you for coming to the 20th Annual Covered Bridge Regatta. Welcome!


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