OAR Inspired Kickstarter Campaign

OAR Inspired KickstarterCheck out this Kickstarter campaign: ONLY ABOUT 30 HOURS TO GO!

Real time feedback! Performance measurement technology specifically designed for rowing that will take your training to the next level.

Until now the only reliable measurement that most crews and coaches have had access to is Strokes Per Minute (SPM). Unfortunately stroke rate does not directly relate to crew performance. You can easily increase the stroke rate by rowing shorter, or by racing the slide and slamming into the catch, or it can be done by increasing the drive.

So why has the sport become almost ‘obsessed’ by a measurement that has little ‘real’ value? The only reasons that we could come up with was – that it was easy to measure and stroke rate was the only measurement that everybody has access too. Read more on their Kickstarter campaign page….(I’m a sucker for technology and I’m a backer! – Lisa)

And if you are a believer, SPREAD THE WORD! With Kickstarter campaigns it’s ALL OR NOTHING. So if they don’t reach their goal, they won’t receive any of the pledged funding.


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  1. Unfortunately this project didn’t fund. But I still think it is a great product and I hope they make it to market!

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