Rowing Gear Kickstarter Campaign

To all our previous supporters,

With only 11 days to go we are on the home straight. Having just passed 74% and looking good. Having the option of selecting any crew combination has definitely gone down well, with several clubs pitching together to fit out their VIII’s and Quads.

Our single biggest challenge is still getting the word out about Oar Inspired, with many clubs and rowing organisations unable to help out due to privacy policies.

We are appealing to the rowing community to help spread the word. This can easly be done by;

  • Emailing your network of rowing friends and suggest they have a look at our web site. If you haven’t been there yourself lately, its had a major face lift with lots of new content.
  • Like us on Facebook, and share a few of our posts.
  • Check out our new Kickstarter campaign
  • Consider making a small pledge. Even a few dollars help show future backers that we have the support of the rowing community. To those who have already backed Oar Inspired again we say thank you.

Oar Inspired is passionate about bringing affordable performance measurement technology to rowing. Together we can make a real difference to the sport we love.

Regards Des Jacobsen.

PS I’ve backed these guys and hope you will too! – Lisa


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