About OAR

The Oregon Association of Rowers (OAR) is a member-supported, non-profit Masters rowing club serving the greater Eugene/Springfield area in the Willamette Valley since 1984. Our mission is to advance the sport of rowing for competition, fitness, and recreation. We are located on Dexter Lake in Lowell State Park. We offer both sweep rowing and sculling for competitive rowers and those focusing primarily on fitness and recreation. OAR is a member of USRowing.

Every year in April, OAR hosts the Covered Bridge Regatta. This regatta offers 2K races for Collegiate and Junior rowers and 1K races for Masters.

  1. Thanks Lisa. It turns out that my daughters team does not start their wave until 3:oo both Saturday and Sunday afternoon so I am free to get some cardio in both days if I am able to get linked up with you guys. If not I can always try and find a gym in the area that has some ergs. They are playing at Moshofsky Center and we are staying at the Holiday Inn Eugene. Regards, Jeff

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