Gold Rush 2014 Recap

Gold Rush 2014 was a ton of fun!

Twenty OAR members, including 5 novices, plus one novice who did Learn to Row with OAR but now rowing with Corvallis where she lives, traveled together to Sacramento for this Masters regatta. Joining us there to fill out boats were 2 men from Corvallis, with River City providing both rowers and cox’ns. River City also hosted a party for us Sat nite! They had a wonderful spread of delicious food and Ray and Lisa took on the job of providing excellent margaritas for all. Fun end to a long day of racing.

In general, the wind was a crosswind or head/cross, gathering strength as the day went on. Early races had ok water with some strong gusts, later races got progressively more challenging, with some boats (from other clubs) opting out.

The highlight of the racing had to be the novices, racing in a Mixed Novice 8+ in the last race of the day in the worst conditions of the day and handling it admirably. They really got a taste for RACING – and I think they’re now hooked! They were a close 2nd coming into the last 200m, may have moved ahead for a bit as we all screamed from the beach – so exciting! – and ended up a close 2nd, with lots of open water ahead of 3rd. This with 6 women and 2 men (instead of 4+4), and the first race ever for the 2 women from River City. Nice way to end the day.

If an event was handicapped for age, the handicap was given at the start, with the oldest crew going on “GO”, the younger crews waiting to start. Times (listed in last portion here) are slow due to the water conditions, but in many cases also due to the fact that the clock was running before you were allowed to start. (More often, handicaps are done by subtracting seconds after the race, from the raw time, so first across the line isn’t necessarily the winner.)

W Novice D-E 4+ (Kit coxing, Sarah, Rachel, Trina, Tanya)
4th of 4

W F-G 4+ (Aaron coxing; Betty, Debbe, Lex, DeeAnn)
3rd of 3

W light 1x (Sally 1st, Kathy 5th, of 5)
I had to work for this one! Might have been a different result if I hadn’t started before the faster two and hence was able to work to keep them in sight behind me – easier mentally and saves looking around, which slows me down. Kathy had a great row for someone with very little experience racing a 1x.

M 8+ (LisaL of RC coxing; Ray, Mark, DaveH, DaveL, Eduardo of CLC, Bryan, Rex of CLC, Raul of RC)
5th of 7

M Novice 4+ (Kate of RC coxing, Bob and Kevin of RC, Brendan, Andrew)
4th of 6 (less than a second out of 3rd place)

W 4x (Lisa, Betty, Margot, Maureen)
3rd of 5 – Got the best of a close race for 3rd. Bummer that this year the regatta went to gold medals only, even when full flight of boats. Lisa’s first sculling race, and she’s ready for another!

W light 2x (Kathy/Sally – 1st of 3)

W 2x D-E (DeeAnn/Maureen – 4th of 5)

W 2x F-H (Debbe/Kit – 6th of 6)

M 4x We had 2 entries in this race. Ray, Bryan, Mark and DaveH were 2nd of 6, not quite able to make up the start difference.
DaveL raced with 3 novice scullers – Brendan, Andrew, and Eduardo(from Corvallis and not a novice but had only sculled for one hour previously he said!) – who were thrilled for the chance to race. Thanks to DaveL for his patience and team spirit! Their boat was 6th of 6, but finished happy for the chance to give it a try.

M 2x We also had 2 entries in this race, with the guys splitting up their 4x from the previous race. Mark and DaveH edged out Ray and Bryan for 4th of 5. Probably was the equipment

W F 8+ This was great to see! OAR 1st of 2, and clearly ahead. Margot’s first 8+ race and grateful for the opportunity – made the best of it! (LisaL of RC coxing, Lisa, Betty, Lex, Maureen, Kathy, Debbe, Margot, Kit)  (9 entries in the E+ and they put 7 Es in one race, 2 Fs in the other…)

Mixed D-E 8+ (Aaron coxing; Ray, Mark, Lisa, DaveL, Lex, Bryan,DeeAnn, Kit)
4th of 6

Mixed F-G 2x (DaveH/Sally – 1st of 2)
Were supposed to be 3 boats in this third flight of mixed 2xs, but one boat decided after launching that the water was too rough. One 2x in the first flight flipped after about 7 strokes. Our only issue was that DH went on GO so we had to hold water, back one stroke, then start on “9” as instructed. I even had us practice this(!) Anyway, was a fun row, even if not much of a race.

Mixed Novice 8+ (Raul of RC coxing; Sarah, Rachel, Brendan, Andrew, Trina, Tanya, Anne and Suzanne of RC)    2nd of 3 (comments above) Phil should be proud!

TIMES: (If a handicapped race, I’ve indicated the # of seconds to subtract to get time down the course. This assumes the starter was counting even seconds…maybe, maybe not)

W Novice 4+
1st: East Bay”A”    4:35.4 (-7)
2nd:East Bay”B”    4:41.3
3rd:Marin”A”          4:41.9 (-7)
4th:OAR/CLC           5:09.9 (-7)

W F-G 4+
1st:LosGatos”A”    no time (-9)
2nd: Marin            +7.0
3rd: OAR                +16.8 (-3)

W light 1x
1st: OAR(Sally)            5:03.2 (-6)
2nd:LakeMerritt(Chow)5:05.5 (-20)
3rd:Marin(Walhart)        5:09.4 (-34)
4th:Ashland(Gerking)    5:13.3
5th: OAR(Kathy)            5:28.5 (-4)

M 8+
1st:Ashland        3:22.2 (-1)
2nd:Marin            3:26.3 (-2)
3rd:LosGatos        3;30.3 (-1)
4th:RiverCity        3:34.4 (-2)
5th OAR                3:39.1 (-7)
6th: Sac                3:43.2
7th:EastBay           3:54.6 (-6)

M Novice 4+
1st:BairIsland            4:19.8 (-21)
2nd:LkeMerritt”A”    4:25.9
3rd:Marin                4:32.5 (-12)
4th:RC/OAR                4:33.2 (-12)
5th:LosGatos            4:44.2 (-18)
6th:LkeMerr”B”        5:26.2 (-27)

W 4x
1st:PaloAlto/LG        4:06.1 (-5)
2nd:Sac                    4:09.5 (-1)
3rd:OAR                    4:31.6
4th:Stockton”A”         4:32.8 (-3)
5th:Stockton”B”        4:48.5 (-9)

W light 2x
1st: OAR            4:54.8
2nd:PaloAlto”A” 5:34.7 (-18)
3rd:PaloAlto”B”  5:38.2 (-14)

W D-E 2x
1st: Dolphin    4:29.7 (-5?)
2nd:PaloA”C”    4:43.4 (-7)
3rd:Casitas    4:48.7 (-8)
4th:OAR       5:14.3
5th:PA”A”    5:34.1 (-7)

W F-H 2x
1st: Ashland”A”    5:10.5 (-13)
2nd:Berk/Delta     5:14.8 (-13)
3rd:Marin            5:18.5
4th:PA/LG            5:36.7 (-17)
5th:Ashland”B”    5:37.1 (-13)
6th: OAR              5:58.3 (-14)

M 4x
1st:NBay        3:48.8
2nd:OAR        3:56.7 (-6)
3rd:LosGatos  4:01.5 (-15)
4th:Stanford    4:04.8 (-10)
5th:BairIsland    4:10.2 (-1)
6th:OAR/CLC    6:07.4 (-7)

M D 2x
1st:LG/Dolphin    3:48.0
2nd:LA                3:57.1
3rd:Ashland        3:59.1
4th: OAR(M/DH)  4:16.2
5th: OAR(R/B)    4:20.7

W F 8+
1st: OAR        4:25.5
2nd: Marin    4:37.5

Mixed D-E 8+
1st:Ashland    3:49.7 (-7)
2nd:Marin        3:56.6 (-2)
3rd:NBay        3:58.7 (-2)
4th:OAR           4:09.8
5th:RiverCity    4:10.3 (-2)
6th:Stockton    4:24.8 (-2)

Mixed F-G 2x
1st: OAR        4:37.6 (-9)
2nd:RiverCity 5:15.2 (-3)

Mixed Novice D 8+
1st:LakeMerritt    4:19.9
2nd:OAR/RC/CLC   4:23.8
3rd:Sac                4:36.4

So there you have it – hopefully not too many errors…too long at this computer! – Sally


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