Learn To Row
Each year OAR participates in National Learn to Row Day in June. This is a great way (FREE!) to learn about the sport of rowing and get in a boat and try it.  Then we follow that up with our Learn to Row Summer Program.

Practices will be held year round. Contact Coach for dates and times.
Coach: Phil Carrol
Novice Rep: Stephanie
Practices will be held year round on Sundays. Meet at Lowell boathouse at 8 am.
Coach: Jim Renner

Practices will be held year round on Saturdays at 7 am and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. Meet at Lowell Boathouse.
Coach: Phil Carrol
Contact Debbe Cornitius for more information on this program.

  1. My husband and I are moving to Lowell on May 25, 2011. At age 50 years I joined a rowing group on Lake Samamish in Redmond, Washington and had a ball rowing for three years or so before work and a move placed us too far away to participate. We are now retired, I’m 64…..just heard about the your organization and am hoping to learn if you have membership and rowing lessons for “seniors”? I would love to return to rowing …….such a wonderful place in my memory. Thanks for any information.

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