Summer Learn to Row Program

The Learn-to-Row Program is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever been curious about the sport of rowing.

(Watch a video of OAR rowers, made by club member Maureen McCauley, with photos by club members Dave Horton, Andy Josa, and Ray Remmers)

By signing up for one of our two-week introductory sessions you will learn the following:

  • Proper rowing technique, both in the boat and on the rowing machine
  • Boat and equipment education
  • Water, land and weight training
  • Coxswain training

O.A.R is offering several two-week Learn-to-Row sessions over the summer. The first part of each session will be an introduction to the rowing technique, equipment, and coxing. The remaining classes of each session will be water and rowing-machine training.

We encourage all participants to complete more than one session to build rowing skills.

Cost: $125 per six class meetings; additional $80 for five more classes

Orientation Class: Tuesday, June 18 or Saturday, June 22

When: Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9am through August 24

Ready to Learn to Row?

  • To reserve your spot send email to  or call Phil Carroll at 541-870-2530.
  • And bring these two forms with you to your class, along with your check (made out to OAR): Learn To Row Registration and Learn to Row Liability Waiver.

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