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March 16th Team Practice Surprise!

QuestionMarkImageComing to our team practice on Saturday, March 16th is highly recommended. Why? Because when we get off the water there is going to be a SURPRISE waiting for us (insert scary music here). What could it be? What could it be, you ask breathlessly – and the breathlessly part is either because of the hard practice you just finished or the excitement that you feel with the knowledge of the unknown surprise.

Coffee Fundraiser Information

If you are interested in joining in our monthly coffee fundraiser (drink your way to better equipment!) or are already signed up for a recurring order, please go to the spreadsheet we now have linked at the right (under Team Information) and make your selections known. You can add, delete, or changeĀ  your order each month on this spreadsheet. Betty will be taking over the ordering and delivery starting in January. Make sure you are on the correct tab of the spreadsheet for the month you want to change! The tabs are listed at the bottom…Dec 11 is December 2011, Jan 12 is for the month of January 2012, etc.

To find out what coffees are available, go to the Full City website for information about each varietal. You can order half or full pounds. You can also get it whole bean or ground. If you want it ground, please specify the number of the grind.

Make sure you order by the last Tuesday before the first Saturday of every month. The order will be delivered to the boathouse on the first Saturday of each month. Checks should be made payable to “OAR” and either mailed directly to Karen L or put in with the coffee order worksheet that is included with the order. Questions? Ask Betty!