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Erging and Practice Update

Renee will be out of town Dec 18-28, so that erg room will be
unavailable during that time. However, she soon (temporarily) will have
less work hours and will let us know about additional erging time
options when she is in town and could open the room for interested
ergers. I’m normally the contact person for this site, but for Dec dates
other than this Thurs and next (12/9 and 12/16), contact Renee.
Please CHECK what is indicated for you on the spreadsheet for 12/9 if
you are one of the ergers using this site, especially if not the same as
last week. Can’t have “too many”, so if more ergers than ergs we’ll
amend the workout to accommodate, but come the more open shift if

The Lowell erg site should be “open for business” all through the holidays. Contact Lisa for more information or if you have questions.

I’ve edited the spreadsheet to add uncoached rows over the
holiday weekends. Use this to coordinate with other rowers (indicate
time preference if you want). Since the scheduled team erg times for the
last 2 weeks of Dec are either unavailable or likely to be under-used, I
have moved those columns to the right.

Make sure you indicate on the spreadsheet if you are coming to
practice this SAT. (If you aren’t coming, and so indicate, that’s helpful.)
This is the last week I will remind those who haven’t said yes or no to
do so. Coaches will make lineups using the latest info on the
spreadsheet. If you can’t use the spreadsheet, let me know (or coach if
last minute or I’m out of town). I think this will be easy once we’re all
used to it. Hope so!

from Sally

New Spreadsheet for Practices

Something new we’re trying… Sally has set up a spreadsheet for keeping track of who can come when to team rows, team erging, Sunday’s party. Access by clicking this link: OAR Masters Spreadsheet (password OARMastersTeam).

The idea is that instead of emailing this info to Sally, each person goes to the spreadsheet and enters it there (and SAVE it afterwards!). Then the coaches can look to see who is coming when. (Novices listed together at bottom of list for easier reading.) Also, this system won’t be dependent on Sally being in town.  If this works it will save time and seems more straight forward for the coaches. Sally will still send out a group email at the beginning of each week; use this as a reminder to go to the spreadsheet (hopefully until which time everyone is on board and using the system).

Try it! Suggestions welcome.