The Year in Review: 2014

Interested in finding out what happened in 2014? Check out the “Members Only” section for details under document entitled 2014 Recap. (You need to be a member of OAR and have the password to get into this section of the website.)

Kickstarter Campaign Success

Kickstarter Success! Production to begin in October.

Oar Inspired’s Kickstarter campaign has passed its goal and they are now guaranteed to begin production in October. With over 4000 views their Kickstarter campaign, their solution has grabbed the attention of private rowers, clubs, schools, colleges and sporting Institutes. Along with the financial backing the messages of support they have received has validated that the rowing community is excited to see real innovation coming to our sport.

There are still 3 days remaining for their campaign and the opportunity still exists to secure one of the first Oar Inspired systems at significantly reduced prices. If you have not seen the Or Inspired solution then check it out at:


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