January Virtual Team Challenge


We are finally getting some good weather to be out on the water rowing.  When not rowing, skiing, running, hiking, weight training, snowshoeing, etc-  keep up the good work ERGING.

View our standing with other on-water and virtual clubs at the 2017 Virtual Team Challenge Standings.   Every erging meter counts for this team effort.

For the club and individual season meters (season starts May 1 each year), view the Affiliation Standings.

** While on the water, remember that cold water/weather protocols are in affect.  Read the post below for more information. **

Cold Water/Weather Reminders

From the Safety Committee:

We want to remind rowers to be prepared for winter weather changes.  Even if water and air temperatures remain moderate, wind and rain will increase risk of potential drop in body temperature and on-water safety issues.
– Dress appropriately w/ layers (& no heat draining cotton) as well as bring a change of clothes for when you get off the water.
– Days are short: be prepared for dark mornings and evenings.  Use lights on your boats if launching or returning to dock in dim light.
– Check weather at the Accuweather site.  Be prepared for sudden changes in rowing conditions—this is a mountain lake and conditions can/will change rapidly.
– Practices may be cancelled due to wind, fog, ice, and temperatures below 30 degrees.  Members should stay alert to upcoming possible bad weather.
– If the Coach needs to cancel practice due to weather conditions, it will be noted on the spreadsheet.  Check before you head out to the lake.  If there is a last minute cancellation, where possible, text notices will be sent.
If rowing without a Coach, be prepared for self-rescue if you flip into the water. You have less than 10 minutes before hypothermia and/or drowning become a danger as water and/or air temps go below 4o degrees.  Carry a cell phone in a waterproof pouch.  Follow the four oars rule- ROW WITH A BUDDY!
– Emergency Supplies are kept in a labeled box under the counter in the boathouse for anyone in cold distress (fleece, hats, mittens, pot to heat water, tea, emergency blanket).  If you use any of these, let the Safety Committee know so we can re-supply.
-Additional information is included in the Safety Guidelines under “About OAR”.  There are also on-water safety videos on the Members Password Protected page.
Safety Committee:  Barbara F, Richard, Kitty, Allison, Karen L- Board Liaison.