OAR’s home regatta is the Covered Bridge Regatta.     This regatta covers two weekends; the first being a one day Collegiate event and the second weekend being a two day Masters and Juniors event.  OAR operates an 8 lane buoyed course which is used for our own regatta and is also rented to other groups, such as Oregon State University womens’ and mens’ crews for regattas that they host.

OAR participates in several regattas, both sprint races (typically 1K) in the spring and summer and head races (typically 5K) in the fall.  Sprint regattas we attend include our own Covered Bridge Regatta in April; Gold Rush Masters Regatta in Sacramento in May; and Northwest Regionals in Vancouver, WA in June.  Head races we attend include the Head of the Dog in late September/early October and the Portland Classic in late October, both in Portland; Head of the Lake in Seattle in early November; and Head of the Lagoon in Foster City, CA in November.

For information regarding regattas all over the country, including in the Northwest, please check out Regatta Central.

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