The Covered Bridge Regatta

Welcome to the 2023 Covered Bridge Regatta!

Collegiate: April 8, 2023

Masters/Youth: April 15-16, 2023

Registration opens mid-March

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Contact our Regatta Director for most general questions about the event.

Questions on entries should be addressed to Kip Keller.

For results, volunteer opportunities, schedule, entries, and other regattas visit Regatta Central.

Want to rent the CBR course for your own regatta? Learn more.

About the Regatta

Each year in April for more than a quarter century, OAR, along with help from the South Eugene Rowing Club and the University of Oregon Crew Team, hosts the Covered Bridge Regatta at Lowell State Park. This regatta covers two weekends; the first a one-day Collegiate event and the second a two-day Masters and Juniors event. As one of the top rowing venues in the country, the Covered Bridge Regatta now regularly draws over 40 teams hailing from Arizona to British Columbia to compete in the 8-lane fully-buoyed 2000-meter course.

Scullers, using two oars each, compete in single (1x), double (2x) and quad (4x) events. Sweep rowers, each with one oar (port or starboard), compete in pairs (2-), fours (4+) and eights (8+). Fours and eights crews include a coxswain (with no oar) who steers and gives vocal commands and encouragement.

A single “scull” is over 25 feet long and weighs as little as 30 pounds. An 8-oared shell measures between 55 and 60 feet in length and weighs about 200 pounds. A fast “eight” can cover 2000m (1.25 miles) in under 6 minutes.

High School and collegiate crews race over the full 2000m course. Masters events will be 1000m, using the second half of the race course. Masters events are handicapped by age, with all boats starting together and finish times adjusted based on the average age of rowers or scullers in the boat.

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